When booking direct, either via the website, by phone or email, you will automatically be getting a discounted/best price.  When booking via Booking.com or Airbnb.com the prices are higher to cover their commission costs.


Due to the high level of work involved in washing, drying, ironing and cleaning the rooms and bathrooms there is a One Night Booking surcharge added to the 'standard' price.  This surcharge is added irrespective of booking via an OTA (Online Travel Agent) or direct.


Check In is between 4:30pm and 6pm.      Check Out is by 9:30am

BOOKINGS  (Irrespective of Terms and Conditions of Booking.com and AirBNB, my T's&C's must be followed to secure your booking):   

The definition of a confirmed booking is Date(s) and Room(s) are blocked by your booking, so no other party can book the same (whether carried out by guest or me).

If booking via an OTA (Online Travel Agent), if the details provided - name, address and mobile phone number are not valid (and they are checked)

and are not that of the 'traveller' the booking may be rejected and entry may not be allowed.  If there is no response to messages via OTA platform, again the booking maybe rejected and entry may not be allowed.

Full payment is due at time of booking, this includes bookings made via OTA's irrespective of the Ts and Cs of the OTA.  Failure to pay the full amount will invalidate the booking, this includes bookings via OTA's.

The first nights stay will be a Non-refundable deposit.


Failure to call to cancel the booking, leaving dates and room 'blocked' by your reservation will mean the Cancellation and No Show conditions will come into play.

All payments must be paid by bank transfer, bank details will be provided at time of booking. 

The 'act' of dates and rooms being 'blocked' to any other bookings is confirmation of your booking and means you agree to these Terms and Conditions and is a legally binding contract.

Not reading these Terms and Conditions is not acceptable as a reason for not complying with these T's and C's.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Bookings are on a per room basis.

Please Insure your stay with a reputable insurance company against cancellation and curtailment, including reasons relating to COVID-19, as your booking is a legally binding contract, being unable to come due to COVID infection will still require payment for your stay.

Any issues that give you problems to travel, car breakdown, transport cancellations etc. is NOT my problem and does not mean a reduction in price or a refund is forthcoming.


Should you lose the room and front door keys, or inadvertently take them home, you will be charged £25.00 for the keys and key ring to be replaced, if they are not returned.  I reserve the right to charge the full cost if the lock has to be changed (for the non-return on the keys), including the re-cutting of all the new keys that would be required.

PAYMENTS (Full payment due at time of booking):

Full payment for the entire visit is required at time of booking.

Direct Bank Transfer

When booking by Booking.com full payment of your visit is due to be paid to me, at time of booking. I then pay back the commission due.

CANCELLATION or NO SHOW (failure to arrive within the Check-in time, or by a time agreed or no contact):

If any booking is cancelled less than 14 days before arrival then a charge equal to the full booking amount is Non-refundable.

If the booking is cancelled 14 days or more before arrival then the amount paid will be refunded, minus the first nights stay non-refundable deposit.

After arrival should there be a need to curtail your stay, for any reason, the full amount paid will not be refunded in any part.

After you make contact and cancel your booking, if any or all of your dates are re-sold, you may be entitled to a full or partial refund (minus the Non-refundable first night stay deposit).

In the event of a No Show, the full cost of the booking will not be refunded in any part.


There is a £5.00 per day per dog charge.  No more than 3 dogs can be brought by one set of guests.

If there is a need to cancel, including any reason relating to the dog(s), the information relating to Bookings and Cancellation/no show will be invoked..

If the dog damages any items in the B&B, chewing, scratching, soiling where marks cannot be removed, the owner/guest will be charged to cover the cost of fixing or renewing said items.

No dogs in the dining area, during breakfast service. Please leave in room (in a crate) or your car.

When dogs are outside the guests room, they must be on a lead at all times.

Should other guests staying not wish the dogs to be in the guest lounge or guest sunroom, their wish takes precedence.

Apart from during breakfast, dogs are allowed in the communal areas, subject to other guests wishes.

Dogs must not be left at the B&B, for any reason, whilst the owners go out, for any reason.


No smoking or vaping in any areas, this includes the bedrooms, bathrooms, guest lounge and sun room.

No food or drink to be consumed in the bedrooms (other than tea and coffee), please use the dining area. If glasses, plates and cutlery are required, please ask.


All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the safety of my guests and members of their party.  I cannot accept any responsibility for injury, illness, loss or damage to any persons or their property, however so caused. Guests stay at their own risk. Guests park their vehicles at their own risk.


It is the guests responsibility to inform me if there are any issues relating to allergies, as soon as possible.  Every effort will be made to cater to any allergies.  

If you have special dietary requirements please let me know 48 hours prior to your arrival, otherwise I may not be able to purchase the necessary items locally at short notice.


Every effort will be made to keep all facilities available, but due to constantly changing guidelines, some changes may be made at the last minute.  Please also read the page specific to Corona virus Terms and Conditions.


To try and do my part to minimise the impact on the planet I endeavour to carry out the following:

SMALL TOILETRY BOTTLES:  I re-use the small toiletry bottles (they are sanitised between guests), SO DO NOT TAKE THEM WITH YOU.  If you, you will be contacted and asked to post them back.

KILNER BOTTLES:  The small (and large bottles) I use for juice and milk are re-used.  DO NOT TAKE THEM FROM THE B&B.  If you do you maybe charged for replacements.

CUTLERY:  Under no circumstances is any cutlery to be removed from the B&B - these are tools of my trade.

CUT GLASS BOTTLES: These hold Garnier Micellar Water Make-up remover.  Also supplied are Cotton Pads for make-up removal.  Please use to remove all make-up prior to using the white towels.

SMALL GLASS ATOMISER:  These hold Lavender and Geranium scent to lightly spray pillows and room to aid sleep.  DO NOT TAKE THESE FROM THE B&B.

ROOM SERVICING:  I do not service the rooms during your stay.  If you need more Loo Roll, Tea, Coffee etc, fresh mugs or glasses please just ask at breakfast.

TOWELS AND BEDDING:  To save energy and be more eco friendly, towels and bedding will not be changed during your stay, unless you are staying for 14 days, when the bedding and towels will be changed at 7 days.  Please use the heated towel rails to air and dry your towels during your stay.

DYED HAIR:  If you have recently dyed your hair, please bring your own towel to dry your hair or ask for a coloured towel.