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To ensure you are not out of pocket if you cannot enjoy your holiday, for any reason not just COVID, please take out holiday Insurance with a reputable company.


In these unusual times, it has become apparent that additional Terms and Conditions are required, specific to Covid-19.

Normal direct booking terms and conditions should be observed relating to booking, paying the deposit, paying in full and cancellation terms.

Now we have been in this pandemic for over 18 months, if you, or a member of your party, test positive within 14 days of your arrival, full payment will be required and I am happy to supply details of your booking for your holiday insurance claim.

If a guest should exhibit symptoms during their stay, the full payment for the stay, which will have been paid on arrival, will not be refunded in any part.  The reason being that, as the owner, I may have to close the B&B for 14 days and self isolate, whilst also cancelling any other bookings during that time.

If booking via or please see the Terms and Conditions on those sites, but my Terms and Conditions should also be taken into account and override any other T's & C;s.if symptoms appear prior to your arrival.


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